Rite Lite LPL720 6 LED Spot Light Grey

Rite Lite LPL720 6 LED Spot Light Grey

Rite Lite LPL720 6 LED Spot Light Grey

Rite Lite LPL720 6 LED Spot Light Grey

Product Description

The Rite Lite LPL720 6 LED Spot Light (Grey) has six super bright white LEDs, which last up to 100,000 hours. The spotlight has an adjustable base to swivel left or right and adjustable neck to raise and lower. The light head also swivels to provide ideal lighting where you need it. One-touch on/off/dimmer operation, press once for full brightness, press again for softer light and a third time to turn the light off. Use this little spotlight in display cases, kitchens, closets, workshops, garages, bedrooms, or even on your desk.

6 LEDs / Pivots and swivels for ideal light positioning / Operates on 3x AA Batteries / One touch On/Dim/Off switch / Includes hook, eye, tape, and screw

Customer Reviews

By T. Coleman “Rio Grande Tom” (Texas)
I guess I innately assumed it wasn’t going to be a spotlight I’d mount on my car to find lost kittycats. I initially pictured it as mood lighting, specialty lighting, ambiance. I have it shining on a bust of Shakespeare, and it’s perfect for that.

I can see the seller’s dilemma, though. There are spotlights and then there are spotlights. This is a spotlight with six little LEDs, and so I suppose they assumed too much of us. Don’t buy this expecting to become an EquiSearch volunteer. Buy it to set up some interesting lighting effects in your home.

Technical Details

  • Contains 6 super bright LEDs
  • Position the light to where you want it with either the swivel head or adjustable base
  • Includes stick and loop tape and hard mount bracket
  • Equipped with 3 settings–on/dim/off
  • LEDs last up to 100,000-hours

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