Lava Lite Grande 250 oz Lava Lamp

Lava Lite Grande 250 oz Lava Lamp – Yellow/Blue

Lava Lite Grande 250 oz Lava Lamp - Yellow/Blue

Lava Lite Grande 250 oz Lava Lamp - Yellow/Blue

Product Description

LAVA® brand lamps are the original. For 40 years, LAVA® has captivated generations with their trademarked shape and timeless styles. Don’t accept substitutes. Demand the original….the registered LAVA® brand. They are the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room, or party space. Simply turn on this lamp and set the mood.

Customer Reviews

By fast_matt (Dallas, TX USA)
At 27″ tall, this is one huge Lava lamp… and that’s its appeal. They’re great in an entertainment room – the slow, smooth lava flow in one of these big lamps is nicely relaxing, and their soft blue-green glow allows you to see your surroundings without distracting from what’s on the screen.

I love the things… but be aware that they take a while to warm up. The lava can take two or three hours to get fully flowing in these big lamps. Also, it takes several thermal cycles for a new lamp to really get flowing. The first time I turned them on one of my lamps still hadn’t bubbled after six hours. I turned it off, let it cool down completely (3+ hours), and turned it on again; within a few hours it was working properly and flows nicely now.

Technical Details

  • Stands 27″ tall
  • Includes bulb
  • Blue liquid with green wax
  • Cool oozing motion
  • Great conversation piece

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