Dorcy 41-1046 13 LED Lantern with Battery

Dorcy 41-1046 13 LED Lantern with Battery

Dorcy 41-1046 13 LED Lantern with Battery

Dorcy 41-1046 13 LED Lantern with Battery

Product Description

Dorcy 41-1046 13 LED Lantern with Battery – This 6 volt lantern contains 13 super bright 5 mm LED light, providing consistent lighting. It’s durably constructed and features a sealed on/off push button switch. This lantern is an ideal light for any situation, providing 40 hours of continuous use. It comes complete with a convenient nylon lanyard and a 6 volt battery.

Customer Reviews

By NY State of Mind (NYC, USA)
Each of the 13 LEDs is housed in its own reflector and all reflectors are aligned in a unified shell so as to focus the 13 light sources into a single, large diameter, spotlight. It’s beam is both bright & wide for a home flashlight. [It is, of course, not as blinding bright as police type, "tactical" flashlights.]This light, when placed atop a refrigerator or bookcase so as to shine upward toward the ceiling, illuminates an entire kitchen or 12′ x 12′ living room well enough to easily carry on family activities, including cooking dinner on a gas stove.It is NOT heavy. I comes with a hand lanyard, a sturdy tab to allow it to be hung over a wall-mounted screw or nail head, and multiple holes for suspending it using parachute cord, fishing line, or even dental floss in a pinch.

Would easily provide enough light to change a tire on a dark road.

It is rated to last 40 hours on a (spring terminal) 6-volt lantern battery.

I really like it!

Technical Details

  • 13 super bright and efficient 5 mm LED lights
  • Durable and convenient rubber-booted push button switch
  • Handy nylon wrist lanyard keeps light close
  • 40 hour run time, sturdy construction
  • Includes 6 volt battery

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