Rite Lite LPL626BX 5 LED Pivot and Swivel Puck Light

Rite Lite LPL626BX 5 LED Pivot and Swivel Puck Light, Grey, 6 Pack

Rite Lite LPL626BX 5 LED Pivot and Swivel Puck Light, Grey, 6 Pack

Rite Lite LPL626BX 5 LED Pivot and Swivel Puck Light, Grey, 6 Pack

Product Description

This set of six Rite Lite Pivot and Swivel Puck Lights is an energy efficient and cost-effective way to bring extra light to any area of your home, office, or garage. With five bright, long-lasting LEDs each, these sleek, round lights emit a pure white glow perfect for illuminating dark workspaces, shelves, or closets. Wireless and battery operated, the puck lights install in seconds with either hook-and-loop tape or screws (included)

Long-Lasting and Energy Efficient for Years of Use
Rite Lite Pivot and Swivel Puck Lights feature five super-bright LEDs each. LEDs last up to 100,000 hours and use less electricity than both incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, so you’ll spend less on batteries, electricity, and bulb replacements. Plus, LEDs are mercury free, which means they are a great choice for eco-conscious, health-conscious families.

Versatile Design Lets You Control the Position and Amount of Light
Each puck light has a lens that swivels 360 degrees and pivots 30 degrees. This means you can angle light wherever you need it–even in the back corner of a closet.For further convenience, you can control a puck light’s level of brightness with a simple push. If you require full intensity, press once. For dimmer lighting, press the puck light twice. Pressing the light a third time turns it off.

Use Anywhere, Anytime
Almost any place in your home can benefit from a little extra light. Measuring 1-1/2 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter, these lights are small but powerful. And because they are wireless, puck lights can be installed anywhere–under a cabinet, above a trophy case, next to a workbench, inside a closet–the possibilities are endless. And if your home loses power during a storm, these battery-operated lights can help you safely navigate your way.

Easy Installation
Thanks to the included hook-and-loop tape, installing these puck lights is a cinch–no complicated wiring is required. Just apply the tape disc to your surface and press firmly to attach the light. For more permanent application, screw-mount brackets are also included.

Technical Details

  • Five super bright white LEDs that last up to 100,000 hours
  • A one-touch ON/OFF switch with dimmer
  • A light head that swivels and pivots for ideal positioning
  • Reliable battery operation?no wires or complicated installation required
  • Two mounting options – hook & loop tape and screw mount bracket

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